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Commercial Roofing Systems

White Membrane roofing systems

PVC White Membrane

More and more builders are turning to white membrane roof systems to reduce energy costs. Owners are encouraged to use building materials to save money, improve the environment and contribute to a healthy city.

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EPDM-TPO roofing systems


EPDM is a widely used roofing material that is known for its durability and installation ease. These single-ply "rubber roofs" use a high-performance compound that weathers well in Indiana's snowy winters and hot summers.

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Metal roofing systems

Metal Roofs

Metal roof systems are best known because they are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and long lasting, they also have a distinctive appearance that sets buildings apart.

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Green roofing systems

Green Roofs

Dark colored asphalt roads and tar roofs attract the sun's heat and are often responsible for the urban "heat island" effect found in cities like South Bend, but advances in roofing technology have found ways to beat the heat.

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